2021 Programme

European Cloud Conference 2021

Welcome to Nice!

We are delighted to introduce our conference, where our goal is to have the best Microsoft Azure minds – present and share with you their knowledge, experience and guidance.

The European Cloud Conference programme will include Microsoft Azure content that caters to IT Pros, Developers and Cloud Experts.

Our programme team are crafting an agenda that provides a wide and far-reaching cover for all things on Microsoft Azure.

The topics we are choosing are from established experts and include a range of crucial knowledge to re-think our digital workplace and provide the functionality, agility, information needs and level of security in today’s and tomorrow’s world. Because the cloud landscape is rapidly evolving, we are making sure that you will see the latest developments for Microsoft Azure, with the best practices you can employ immediately.

This includes security, identity & access, AI & machine learning, storage, monitoring, management & governance, Microsoft Azure migrations and hybrid solutions to highlight a few.

The beautiful cosmopolitan city of Nice will provide you with inspiration and a great atmosphere to help on your journey towards the digital workplace, cloud and hybrid architectures.

You will come away from the European Cloud Conference empowered with new skills that will give you immediate results in your current Microsoft Azure investments and boost your confidence in your future Microsoft Azure quests. We trust after attending the European Cloud Conference you will be able to achieve even more with Microsoft Azure!

Programme Team

Magnus Mårtensson and Thorsten Hans.  


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