Isidora Katanić

Isidora Katanic is born in former-Yugoslavia, grew up in the Netherlands since the early 90’s and moved to Switzerland in 2017. She is on the Management Board at the Swiss IT firm make it noble and the co-founder of the event management company districtUP – organizing IT community conferences like Experts Live Europe and Experts Live Switzerland focused on Microsoft cloud, datacenter, security and modern workplace technologies.

Isidora engages with the Microsoft community and travels around the world to organize, speak and attend conferences to learn, connect and share with others.

In 2020 Isidora has been awarded with the #AzureHeroes badge in the category of Inclusive Leadership, for her inclusive contributions to the Microsoft community and has been named the 1st Cloud Community Champion, a community-driven initiative.

Isidora is also the co-host of the video series “Head in the cloud, Heart in the community” shining a light on the IT family and the amazing things they have been doing.

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