AI for the better

Do you want to be inspired by what AI can do for the better (life of people with disabilities)?

1 in 7 billion people on the planet have a disability that is visible or invisible. People who may need assistance, and this can be digital assistance!

I am going to inspire you with ideas ready and waiting to be built to help people. This is the inspiration that will make you want to start an AI (side) project that matters!

When you see this talk you will see what’s missing. Of course this talk isn’t only about what’s missing but I am going to show you some ideas built (not by myself) with AI and how the projects changed lives.

So are you the next person that changes lives and uses AI for the better (life of people with disabilities)?

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • See the need of digital assistance
  • Being inspired about digital assistance
  • You receive concrete idea’s waiting to be developed.
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