Azure Cognitive Services Power Hour

— This session was scored a 9.02 out of 10 at the European SharePoint, O365 and Azure Conference 2019 | Prague —
Building solutions with machine learning often requires a data scientist. Azure Cognitive Services enable organisations to take advantage of AI, without requiring a data scientist. Microsoft did the heavy lifting by creating the machine learning models, pipelines and required infrastructure needed to build the model and packaged it up into Cognitive Services. The services have been significantly matured and allow you to extend your application with intelligence in the areas of Vision, Speech, Language, Knowledge, Search and Discover.

In this demo-packed session, we will first give a complete overview of the services, their strengths and practical use cases ranging from image and face recognition, real time speech translation to news personalisation in websites by learning from the user preferences in real time.

In the second part we will take a closer look at the Vision and Speech APIs and build a custom vision model that then can be used for real time object detection and speech translation use cases.
In the second part we will cover how the Cognitive Services can be used to create searchable information out of non-searchable content by attaching the Cognitive Services to the Azure Search indexing pipeline. In the last part of the presentation we will discuss Container support for Cognitive Services which provides more flexibility in hosting the services and support for better governance, remote locations or low latency scenarios.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  • Complete overview including rich demos of all Azure Cognitive Services
  • Building custom Vision and Speech models for real time object detection and custom phrase / words detection
  • Architectural guidance for implementing Cognitive Services (e.g. containers, running custom vision models locally)
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