Azure Digital Twins in a Nutshell

Digital twins make it possible to simulate, analyze and test scenarios digitally, before implementing changes in the real world.
There are already huge advantages in being able to digitally monitor and control physical objects near or far and at any time. It is also possible to explore and experiment further on these objects by building virtual models of them.
Digital twins allow engineers to work with objects in ways that would be impossible in the real world. Nowadays, Microsoft Azure offers this capability on its Internet of Things (IoT) platform with Azure Digital Twins. This technology enable spaces and individual devices to be modelled and let users develop scalable, reusable structures that can combine digital and physical data.
This presentation is about Azure Digital Twins: the main business benefits and technical advantages. The Presentation demonstrates the key features of technology in the context of Microsoft Azure with real use cases and live demos.

This talk will also cover the major functionlities where you can see the benefits of Digital Twins for Azure IoT Solutions:
– Device configuration management
– Device provisioning
– Software update
– Triggering of alarms

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  • How does digital twin technology work
  • How digital twin technology is implemented in the context of Microsoft Azure
  • How Digital Twins can help to implement the major functionalities of IoT Solutions
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