Azure Messaging – From 0 to 100 in One Day

You have to be neither an Azure guru nor a messaging expert to attend this Azure Messaging full-day workshop. But you will be finishing it with a rock-solid knowledge and practical experience to bring to current or future projects. The hands-on part will be using .NET SDKs, and you will need the following to be installed on your computer:

• Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code with C# extension
• .NET Core 3.1 or .NET Framework 4.8
• Additional tools such as Storage Explorer and ServiceBus Explorer
• Azure subscription (free option:

Workshop Description

With cloud environments such as Azure and AWS, distributed applications and systems are easy to build. Scaling-out and expanding are almost trivial. What’s not so trivial is dealing with the fallacies of distributed computing. This is where messaging has been a reliable ally. Messaging is the bloodline of virtually any significant custom software in Azure.

This workshop will cover the following topics with hands-on exercises to solidify theory with practice.
• The fallacies of distributed computing
• Transactional guarantees and eventual consistency
• Surviving in the world without DTC
• Simple queuing: Azure Storage Queues
• Enterprise Service Bus: Azure Service Bus
• Real-time data ingestion: Event Hubs
• Event-Driven Architecture (EDA): Event Grid
• Queuing vs Streaming, when to use what
• Contracts and messages: commands and events
• Pub/Sub (Publish–subscribe messaging)
• Error handling and protecting from run-time failures
• Error handling and pitfalls to avoid
• Building in a hybrid world (on-premises and cloud)
• Build vs buy – keeping your team’s sanity when it comes to middleware

Top 3 Highlights of Attending this Virtual Tutorial:

  • Balanced tutorial between theory and hands on exercises
  • Practical Azure messaging knowledge distilled in one day
  • Learn from an Azure Messaging expert and MVP

Level: 400

Topic: Messaging

Category: Developers

Date: October 22nd – (10am-5pm) CET


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