Azure Virtual Machines 101

Moving from on-premises servers to Azure requires planning and understanding how Azure infrastructure services work. Before you create a single VM or VMSS, you should sit down and sketch out your current infrastructure model and see how it might map to the cloud. During this workshop, you’ll learn about the decisions you should make before creating a virtual machine, the options to create and manage the VM, and the extensions and services you could use to manage your VM. We will cover why is it important to start with the network, how to pick the right location and size of the VM, the pricing model, storage options for the VM, should you assign a public IP address to your VM or manage it using a jumpbox server…
This workshop will walk you through the options available to create and manage an Azure virtual machine using the Azure portal, ARM templates and PowerShell commands.

Top 3 Highlights of Attending this European Cloud Conference 2020 Tutorial:

  • Azure VM Deep Dive
  • Azure VMSS Deep Dive
  • Designing VMs Architecture

Level: 300

Topic: Cloud Compute

Category: IT Pro

Date: October 8th  (10am-5pm) CET

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