Containing Kubernetes: Moving to the Cloud with Containers on Azure

In this all day workshop, attendees will install Kubernetes on Azure, then learn administration and deployment of their cluster.

Topics Covered:

* Cluster Creation
* Cluster Inspection and Management
* Container Basics
* Creating and Deploying Containers
* Containerizing Existing Applications
* Containerizing New Applications
* TLS/SSL Ingress
* Simplifying Deployment with Helm
* Monitoring and Scaling
* Private Container Registries

You’ll be hands-on the entire day, learning tips and tricks from my experience running Kubernetes clusters that processed hundreds of millions of transactions per day.

Top 3 Highlights of Attending this Virtual Masterclass:

  • Hands-On Labs
  • Auto-scaling tips and tricks
  • Learn how Kubernetes fits in your hybrid environment

Date: Sep 2nd

Level: 300

Topic: Cloud Compute

Category: Developers

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