Developing The Next Big Thing By Streamlining Microservices With DAPR

It couldn’t be a more suitable time to be a developer! Using today’s bleeding edge innovations and tech, writing distributed applications which truly scale and handle high load should no longer difficult.
However, today’s distributed application challenges still include the inability to migrate monolithic code to microservices architectures, the nearly impossible implementation of state handling and event-driven architectures in microservices-based applications and the limited runtime portability across clouds and edge.

Throughout this session, we will talk about the future of app development and deployment. Specifically, I will showcase DAPR, an event-driven, portable runtime for microservices development on cloud and edge which aims to solve all the challenges above and make the development of worry-free microservices-based applications a breeze.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  • Distributed Applications
  • DAPR
  • Microservices
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