European Cloud Conference Keynote Andrew Brust

Cloud Data, Analytics and AI: A Common-Sense Explanation and Analysis

We’ve all heard the term “data-driven,” and endured the hype that every organization must embrace it as a philosophy. As technologists, we’re given a similar message: that we must understand everything about data, analytics and AI, or fall behind. That’s extreme, of course. But peel back the marketing, get past the noise, and you’ll find there is genuine truth and significant value in the data-centric approach.

How can you make sense of all this? Andrew Brust, a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, ZDNet columnist and Gigaom analyst, will break it down for you. He’ll explain what “data-driven” really means, impart a high-level explanation of what data lakes and data warehouses are, and make clear how they support analytics and AI. He’ll summarize Microsoft’s strategy for data technology in the cloud, and how the company is executing on that strategy to win the broader cloud wars.

Data, analytics and AI are powerful, and they can be used for competitive advantage. By the end of this special keynote address, you’ll understand the relevant technologies, market trends, and Microsoft offerings. You’ll also be able to make your own decisions around adopting and implementing them, in your own organization.

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