Getting Gremlins to Improve Your Data

Data as it appears in the real world is naturally connected, but traditional data modeling focuses on entities which can cause for complicated joins of naturally connected data. This is where graph databases come in as they store data more like what happens naturally in the real world. But how do you get started?

During this workshop, we will discover just what is graph databases are, the use cases for them, and how to get started using them using the Graph API within Azure Cosmos DB. We will build a graph database from scratch and then hook it up to a web application to start to use the power of the Graph API.

We will use ASP.NET Core and C# for the workshop, but the focus will be on the Graph API and not these technologies.

Top 3 Highlights of Attending this Virtual Tutorial:

  • Understand the basics of graph databases
  • Get hands-on experience setting up, configuring, and optimizing a graph database
  • Get hands-on experience working with graph databases in your applications

Level: 300

Topic: AI

Category: Developers

Date: October 21st – (10am-5pm) CET

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