Governance: The forgotten key to managing cloud

We all want to use Cloud in our projects, and every customer I talk to has developers that want to pioneer their company’s adoption of the latest and coolest stuff. But for every success story there is a painful admission: Crazy costs from unconstrained adoption; sensitive data suddenly stored somewhere it shouldn’t be; technology gone wild as every project tries something new.

The solution is governance, and making sure you, the developers and IT Pros who are advocating cloud in your organisations understand the management needed for successful adoption is key: When you convince your team to move to Azure you can get extra credit for helping your organisation move to the cloud without the pain.

Whilst governance does not need tooling per se, Microsoft has a range of great tools in the Azure arsenal to help you. In this session I’ll talk about the kinds of things that can go wrong, the simple things you can do to avoid them, and I’ll show you the Azure tooling, some of it brand new, that will help you.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  • Insight into common failings
  • Where to start with Cloud Governance
  • Customer-based examples of good and bad practice
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