Home Automation Projects with Azure IoT platform

“Alexa, turn on the main kitchen light!” This is how I usually turn on the lights. Using cheap WiFi capable microcontrollers I built many different devices combined with the Cloud capability, my day looks much brighter.
By monitoring the water temperature in my home water tank, I always have hot water when needed and I also save energy! My yard gate is activated using an app running on my smartwatch in a safe way, using Azure Custom Vision cognitive service that checks that the gate area is cleared.
“Alexa Goodbye” triggers Alexa’s scenario that turns off all lights and closes all shutters. I open my door lock with my fingerprint.
My little girl set the light color by talking to Alexa and my room temperature is monitored by a device I built.

In this lecture, I will tell you about my many different home automation projects. You will see the hardware side, the embedded software as well as the cloud services and the client applications running on my watch, phone and PC.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  • How to create and use the Azure IoT Hub
  • Provisioning IoT devices, sending information to the cloud and receiving commands
  • Azure IoT SDK running on the ESP8266 microcontroller and Arduino tools
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