Multi-tenant IoT on Azure – From Device Provisioning to Data Visualization

In the age of SaaS, multitenant software systems are quite common. In addition, as IoT devices get smaller and cheaper, building IoT systems becomes a common practice. But how do you combine the two? How do you build an IoT system which also respects all the aspects of proper multitenancy? How do you secure one tenant’s devices and data from another tenant?

Join me in this session, based on my real-world experience with customers, as we architect and build a multitenant IoT system on Azure, starting with device provisioning using the Device Provisioning Service (DPS), through data ingestion using IoT Hub and all the way to data visualization with Azure Data Explorer (ADX).

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Learn how to build an IoT system on Azure
  • Understand how to deal with multitenancy requirements
  • Gain insights from real-world implementations
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