Are you talking to me? Overcoming complexities in Conversational A.I.

Typos, context clues, named entities … with all the intricacies we find in a language, you often have to be “in the know” to know what’s being said. And when it comes to interpreting those complexities in Conversational A.I. for messaging apps, speech-based assistants, or chatbots, often it’s the end-user’s confidence/trust that gets lost in translation.

Bring your bots into the loop and build up their conversational skills in this session on Conversational A.I. You will learn how to leverage Python and Azure Cognitive Services to better interpret (and interact in) conversations and how they help use Machine Learning and Deep Learning for enhanced customer experience.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  • Understand challenges in Machine natural language processing
  • Understand the approach in Conversational A.I. projects
  • See the possibilities and value of Azure Cognitive Services, Chatbots and Python toolkits
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