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Modernising to Cloud.

Introducing ‘Modernising to Cloud’ a free Cloud Migration virtual event, brought to you by the European Cloud Conference

The European Cloud Conference invite you to attend ‘Modernising to Cloud’ a free virtual event focused on Microsoft Azure Migration with the Experts taking place on Thursday August 20th, [10.00-12.30 CEST]. Access expert knowledge and insights which will help expedite your own organization migration planning, avoid migration pitfalls, and remove the guesswork.

Discover how Europe’s leading Azure MVP’s are solving issues from quick migration to full re-architecture. Learn how Eldert Grootenboer, MVP, Magnus Mårtensson, Microsoft Regional Director, MVP, Rik Hepworth, Microsoft Regional Director, MVP and Sam Vanhoutte, MVP have carried out digital transformations as they share their Cloud Migration experiences with Microsoft Azure, direct from the front lines.


Through both of the expert led Sessions  ‘Cloud Secrets to Go: Cloud Migration Stories‘ and ‘Modernising an Integration Landscape; Moving from BizTalk to Azure‘ you will observe real world experience of Migration best practices and strategies. Our real-life Case Study offers the perfect way for you to see and hear what other companies have been struggling with and how the obstacles were overcome. Each session will include time for questions. 

The Panel Discussion ‘Migration to Azure, Panel with the experts’ will discuss Azure Migration woes and tricks. It is challenging to learn to fly in the Cloud for any IT organisation. The rewards are great if you learn to navigate the perils and avoid showstoppers along the way.

Do you have a question for the Panel?
Receive answers to your most pressing cloud migration and adoption questions from our global experts during the Panel Discussion. Submit your question on the Registration Form.

Why Attend?

Learn – Discover how Europe’s leading Azure MVP’s and Regional Directors are solving issues from quick migration to full re-architecture. Learn about migrations from an on-premises integration platform to Azure PaaS.

Experience- Access a concrete understanding of Cloud Migration strategies from our expert speakers, whose sessions are based on personal experience from the front line.

Find Solutions – Receive answers to your most pressing cloud migration and adoption questions from top experts. 

Move Forward – Get a clear vision on how modernising to Cloud could work for your business. Receive up to date comprehensive information and insights backed up with several real-world examples. 

‘Modernising to Cloud’ will set you further on your journey with the strategies, techniques, and processes to deliver cloud migration with ease and stability. 

Register Now to attend this free virtual event.  

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